Course Instructor

AER 521 – Mobile Robotics and Perception
Winter 2018

This course addresses fundamentals of mobile robotics and sensor-based perception for applications such as space exploration, search and rescue, mining, self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, etc. Topics include sensors and their principles, state estimation, computer vision, control architectures, localization, mapping, planning, path tracking, and software frameworks.

Previously: Teaching Assistant – Winter 2016-2017

Teaching Assistant

ROB 301 – Introduction to Robotics
Fall 2015-2017

This course is intended to provide an introduction and a very interdisciplinary experience to robotics. The structure of the course is modular and reflects the perception-control-action paradigm of robotics. Applications addressed include robotics in space, autonomous terrestrial exploration, biomedical applications such as surgery and assistive robots, and personal robotics. The course culminates in a hardware project centered on robot integration.