Professional Activities and Community Service

Organizer – Debates on the Future of Robotics Research

The Debates on the Future of Robotics Research Workshop brings together prominent researchers and industry leaders to formally debate key issues affecting robotics as an academic discipline and its broader social and economic contexts.

Student Mentor – Inclusion@RSS

Inclusion@RSS focuses on programs that increase and sustain a broader participation in the robotics research community of groups traditionally underrepresented in robotics (including but not limited to women, LGBTQ+, underrepresented minorities, and people with disabilities), especially people early in their studies and career.

Graduate Student Representative – Engineering Faculty Council

Faculty Council sets and approves academic policy, principles, priorities, and the general direction for the teaching and research activities of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Graduate Student Representative – Community Affairs & Gender Issues Standing Committee

The Community Affairs & Gender Issues Standing Committee in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering seeks to improve and to recommend on strategies related to student recruitment and outreach and quality of life within the Faculty community, including such matters as the student experience, gender issues, diversity, safety and security, and personal conduct.

President – Aerospace Students' Association

The Aerospace Students' Association represents graduate students at UTIAS and organizes athletic, social, academic and professional events. As President, I coordinated a team of 14 students to organize a variety of fun events like Trivia Night, Pancake Breakfasts, BBQs, and Camping Trips, and collaborated with the UTIAS administration and other graduate student associations to enrich the overall experience of graduate students at UTIAS.

Previously: Social Coordinator – 2015-16

Co-founder / Aerospace Representative – GECoS

The Graduate Engineering Council of Students acts as a forum for representatives from all Engineering Graduate Student Associations at UofT to collaborate on academic, social and professional events, discuss issues that broadly affect Engineering graduate students, and represent the general interests of Engineering graduate students to the Faculty and University.

Re-founder / Director – SEDS-Canada

SEDS-Canada (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) is a national student-led not-for-profit corporation dedicated to improving the Canadian space sector. As a member of the Board of Directors, I helped direct and oversee the organization’s activities, which included multiple student competitions and an annual conference.

Student Member – UTIAS Student Experience Committee

The SEC is responsible for gathering data about the UTIAS student body’s experiences at the Institute and making a report to the Director summarizing the data and providing suggestions for improvement.